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Agenda at a Glance


SD-WAN & SASE New Solutions, Markets, and Dares

SD-WAN and SASE Sessions

The advent of SASE is THE new trend. With businesses embracing the cloud, IoT becoming prevalent, users going mobile, and 5G applications requiring responsiveness – it is not possible to provide security with traditional or cloud models only.

Experts discuss:

Join the live debate: “SASE or not SASE?”

Universal SD-WAN Edge Session

The vendors vision:
How vendors they see themselves supporting MECs when they know that it will never be a 100% homogeneous vendor solution (IoT etc.)

The service providers Vision:
Explaining how SPs have to have a Universal SD-WAN Edge solution in parallel to the intra-enterprise proprietary SD-WAN solution per vendor.

IA and Machine Learning Session

How Machine Learning changes SD-WAN.
Main characteristics of the new era.
How Machine Learning can be used to optimize the application experience.
Using a Pragmatic approaches focussed on clear use cases.

SD-WAN mobile session

How to extend SD-WAN access technologies with 5G.
How to build a 5G (private) network with SD-WAN as the smart fabric.
The role that clientless mobile solutions have in a SASE delivery model.
How to get a secure and seamless access to the Enterprise SD-WAN private network.

Join the live debate: “The mobility challenges”

SD-WAN and SD-Branch session

Customer requirements.
Managed SD-LANs.
Key use cases requirements and market trends.
How to bridge the gaps of existing SD-branch offering.

Opensource Session

Why an opensource solution?
How does it differentiate from the rest?
Isn’t this only of interest for big companies and potentially only to services providers?

Join the live debate “Why opensourcing?”

Service Providers Experiences session

Hear testimonies from Telia, BT, Orange, SDNbucks, CenturyLink, Rakuten Mobile, Verizon, T.Mobile, Tata Communications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need some information about the SD‑WAN Virtual Summit 2020?
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

SD-WAN Virtual Summit 2020 event is taking place from November, 24th to 26th 2020 and everything will be online
The conference is open to a wide range of actors, including enterprise, operator, ISP, press, equipment vendors.
A virtual event allows you to keep connected with your partners and explore new relationships in a virtual setting. Registering as a paid delegate gives you full access to the event platform, including all conferences sessions live and on demand, the exhibition hall, networking lounge and of course the online meeting planner.
Once you register, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to connect to the conference. You can access the conference from November 24th.
Acces to the Networking Lounge - Exhibition hall - Auditorium - Help Desk
Tuesday 24 November 2020. 10:00 AM (Paris CET Time, UTC +1). Convert to your local time here. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingtime.html?day=5&month=11&year=2020&p1=195&p2=179&iv=0
On joining the event, you will be landing on the Lobby. From there you will be able to access all the different part of the conference such as an Exhibit Hall, Auditorium, Lounge and Help Desk as well.
In this important section participants will be able to share information through a group chat or even initiate 1:1 private chats and audio/video conversations.
You will be able to browse through the different exhibitors and have live interaction with booth staff.
Click on the desirated booth and then start a video chat or a text based chat.
You will also be able to find demos, videos and products information for each virtual booth.
Exhibit hall hours? Coming soon
Tuesday–00:00am to 00:00pm
Wednesday–00:00am to 00:00pm
Thursday–00:00am to 00:00pm
You will attend all video presentations, keynotes and live debates in the Auditorium. You will have access to the semi-live videos from 24th to 26th November. Then you will have the opportunity to watch them on-demand until December 23rd
Yes, we would love you to be as involved as possible. We will have a dedicated platform to collect your questions, opinions and thoughts.
Yes. You can view all of the presentations "on-demand" for one month after the event
You will have access and be able to view all of the sessions that are uploaded. you will be able to view virtual sessions
At the Help Desk, attendees, speakers and exhibitors can find all the assistance they might need.
If you would like to participate as a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact frederic@upperside.fr
No. Registration will be open until the close of the event (videos available on-demand until the 23rd of December 2020.
SD-WAN & SASE Virtual Summit 2020